Workout, then Rock Out

I’m still coming down from a GREAT show last night. Once I heard System of a Down was playing near Boston this summer, I planned all vacations around this one night. Let me say, they didn’t disappoint.

But I digress. My 30+ Days of Fitness post is dedicated to my faithful friend — the jump rope. What a spectacular, yet fun, form of exercise. You jump — that’s it, that’s a workout. So yesterday morning, I jumproped for 20 minutes before work, rode my bike to and fro (a very short ride, but it still adds up), and then some pull ups and bodyweight exercises after work.

Then I rocked out like I was a teenage metalhead again. If you count jumping to “Pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo,” and throwing your arms shouting along to B.Y.O.B, well then, looks like I had a kickass workout as well as a kickass night. Best concert I’ve been to in years.

And my husband — he jumped so high during the pogo song, I had to stop and watch. Damn that guy can jump. (And he’s white. Go ahead insert your own “White Men Can’t Jump” joke here, ha ha.) I don’t know why I found it so amazing, but I was mighty impressed.

“Hey ladies, you see that guy jumping? I’m taking him home with me tonight.”

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