Workout in NJ, Bike Ride through NY

After all day on the road, we made it to Edison, NJ, named after Thomas. I only had a brief workout in my 30+ Days of Fitness, but it wasn’t bad considering we were on the road all day. If it weren’t for this blog, I’m sure I would have slipped it. So thank you, blog, for making me workout. Plus, I knew a day of bike riding through New York City would make up for yesterday’s shorter workout.

The kids hung out in the room while Eric and I went for a drink downstairs. On the drive yesterday, I pointed out a success—I didn’t lose my purse. The last time we did this drive, Lara was little. It was late at night and she asked for help in the rest stop bathroom. I’d hung up my purse in the next stall, but when I rushed over to help her, I forgot it was hanging. Hours later, I freaked out when I realized. I figured surely good karma would be returned since I’d returned many purses, wallets, cell phones, and the like over the years. Alas, it was never returned.

Once we returned to the room, Agghhh! I left my purse in the bar! Those moments of oh shit feel eternal, but luckily my good karma finally came back to me. A couple of guys had turned my purse in to the bartender. Woo hoo!

When we woke up this morning, I took on a fitness act of desperation – using the tiny hotel fitness facility. Small, but adequate. I squeezed in a quick workout with the dumbbells and bench before we headed into NYC to ride bikes in Central Park.

I love bike riding through Central Park even though parts can get congested. Anytime I visit a city and see people out and active, I get excited. Better than having a thing for all you can eat buffets.

When I see all the super fit joggers around me, I want to get off my bike and jog as well because jogging and Central Park seem to go hand in hand. Eric and I had a date weekend here last summer and had a blast jogging around the reservoir, biking along the Hudson River, and then checking out the restaurants at night.

Lara’s head rubbernecked the first few minutes at the horse carriages right next to her. She was riding with the horses. What joy for her! It was close to 90 degrees so we overheated quickly under the sun. Riding along the Hudson it was a little cooler on the bike path. As it was a Saturday, this route was jam packed as well. Everyone was out and enjoying the end of the summer.

We fortified ourselves with hot dogs and papaya drinks at Gray’s Papaya and then had some gelato in the Chelsea Market. By then, we were beat from riding a good chunk of the day. So now we’re driving back to Massachusetts. In Connecticut – halfway there!

30+ Days of Fitness is Ending. I will finish up back in the Boston area, the great city where it all started!

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