Torturing My Middle Schooler on the Slopes

Skiing–what a better time to communicate with uncommunicative middle schoolers than when they are trapped with you for several minutes on a chair lift to the top of the mountain?

I have a son who’s in middle school. I know–male and in middle school–I’ll never get more than two words from him.

Well, he’s been growing up, going through that magical time called puberty, and we think he’s starting to notice girls. Eric and I have been trying to gauge if he has any questions, interests, concerns over the whole mysterious boy/girl dynamic. Ok, maybe I have been more curious on the matter than Eric, after all, he’s male and works in a high school so we’re not going to get much more out of him either.

Using my minutes of quality time with my son perched several feet above the ground, I ask, “So, do you have any questions about girls, or anything like that?”

Not only did I get an answer, but it was more than two full words and full of emphasis:

“If I did, you would be the LAST person I would ask. What would YOU know about middle school girls?”


Ah, those precious moments…


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