Today’s Workout is Brought to You by the Letters J and K

J for Jumprope

K for Kettlebells

One of my favorite workouts is to alternate jumproping with kettlebells. And it’s an easy one to squeeze in at home. So after a short bike ride, I did:

  • 5 minutes jump rope to an 80s metal band (say Scorpions’ Rock You Like a Hurricane)
  • 50 total kettlebell squats, pulling kb up to your shoulders. I don’t know what you call that.
  • 5 minutes jump rope to another 80s metal band (say Whitesnake’s Still of the Night)
  • 50 total kettlebell swings (disclaimer: apparently I suck at these, but I still do them for the illusion of getting a total body workout)
  • 5 minutes jump rope to an 80s metal band (say the Cult’s Sun King)
  • 50 total one foot crossovers with the kettlebell – one arm to opposite foot. No idea what you call that either.
  • 5 minutes jump rope to Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punk, baby!
  • 50 total pull up, chin up variations


Disclaimer: I am not certified nor qualified to teach any personal fitness programs so if you choose to follow this half-ass described workout, you do so at your own peril. ;)

Disclaimer Part 2: I suppose you could do this workout listening to something other than hair metal bands. But I repeat: do so at your own peril.


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