The Little Motivator in the Stands

Alas, it’s Monday, which means stadium stair training. Today I dragged the whole family along for some quality time and fresh air together. The kids can play in the stadium or even run the stairs, if they are so bold. My son ran a few rounds with my Eric and me, but he started too fast and burned out quickly. My daughter hung out in the shady section above. My niece started with us and then played lacrosse in the field. Something for everyone!

It’s hot under the sun and your legs burn running these damn stairs. Our hearts were beating and we had to take a couple of water breaks. As we turned past the halfway mark, we started slowing down. But then I saw my little girl smiling at us from the top of the stairs.

I ran up and gave her a high five. She giggled and skipped off to meet us in the next section. When I made it there, I gave her another high five. And on we went with her smiley little face and high fives encouraging me to keep going. We made a game of it. Any time I can combine fitness time with family time, I’m game.

I owe my thanks for today’s workout to the little girl with the big smile. :)


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