Thanks a Lot, Thin Mints

I enjoy working out. It makes me feel better about myself and gives me more energy. However, there are times that it’s the last thing I want to do. Especially after a long work day and a meeting with 13 girls at a Brownie meeting.

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, which means we had a plethora of cookies at our meeting. And as a Girl Scout leader, it was my duty to try the new flavors. And who can resist the classic Thin Mints?

Fast forward later that evening. I’m happily lost in my latest story, which takes place in a gothic-style castle on the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. Yes, I would love to remain in that world all night. But I’m feeling lethargic and I didn’t exercise at all today–attached to my laptop at work and home.

While my daughter occupied herself in her room, I figured I could squeeze in a nine-minute Daily Hiit video. No way would I get in a 45 minute or hour workout tonight. But nine minutes is nothing. I had no excuses.

It was a tough nine minutes, however, and the host encouraged us to try for three rounds. After the first round, I figured I could get one more in. No family members were bugging me to find things or ask to use the computer so I could keep going. After round two, I was really feeling it. The lethargic feeling in my legs was gone and I did feel better than I had after work earlier. A quick water break and back for round 3.

Any way, thank you Internet for inspiring me to work out nine minutes at a time. Anyone can commit to nine minutes, right?

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