Tea Time in Calabash

Greetings, dear reader. If you’ve been reading along, it’s almost as if we have a relationship at this point. And if it’s your first time stopping in, I hope you to see you often!

Our last day in Calabash. I left the house just after 8am to go on a quick run, heading in the opposite direction of the dogs. After my allotted twenty minutes, I was feeling pretty good so I ran for another ten and then walked for ten more to cool down. Then I decided to go back and lay down the law. The kids needed to get off their lazy vacation ice cream sundae eating butts and get moving. Either a bike ride, or a run, or karate, but something. School vacation was almost done.

But first, the endorphins or whatever they were had kicked in and I decided to brazenly walk by the house with the puppy who had attacked me earlier that week. My strut there and back was completed without incident.

Next victims – kids. Before I could even finish my sentence about them getting some exercise today, Nicky already had his plan. Do ten push ups and ten sit ups every half hour throughout the day. Impressive!

Of course, it didn’t happen past noon, but they got a good start in. I gently encouraged (made) them do burpees and mountain climbers as well. Then I finished my workout with 100 total push ups and 200 total body weight squats in the bedroom.

Workout done, I counted down the moments until the Calabash Tea Garden to open while the kids played mini golf. Finally, they opened! They’d been closed the past few days and I was anxious for my peaceful time with a nice cuppa tea. Lara joined me as well.

The Calabash Tea Garden was voted best tea room in North Carolina and it’s easy to see why. It’s all in the details. The fancy china tea settings, each one with its own theme and colors. The multitude of hats, dresses, and scarves for patrons to try on to get the “the whole tea experience.” Lara and I were game for that. She picked out a pink leopard shawl and pink hat while I donned a furry pink scarf and red bowler hat. I’m definitely becoming a Red Hat Lady when I get older.Tea Time in Calabash

We then had our fancy tea and lemonade with tiny sandwiches or scones.

“We have to do this at home, Lara. I’ll invite my friends and you invite yours and we’ll have fancy tea and cucumber sandwiches.”

“Cucumber sandwiches? Yuck. I don’t think my friends would want to have tea.”

Oh, come on! What little girl isn’t into fancy tea parties?

We’re leaving Calabash early in the morning, hoping to make it up to New Jersey before we stop for the night. I don’t know how I will squeeze in my workout for 30+ Days of Fitness. If worse comes to worse, I suppose I could squeeze my butt cheeks 1,000 times or something.


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