Squeezing Fitness in on Road Trip?

I did what I could this morning to get some physical activity in before leaving Calabash since we will spend the entire day driving Route 95. Push ups, sit ups, lunges, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks before packing up the car for the journey  back north.

We’ve been driving through North Carolina for hours. It won’t end!

I lie. Virginia is eight miles away. Oh, joy! But still, Virginia takes at least three to four hours as well and we’re hoping to get up to New Jersey before we stop for the night. Only it’s Friday, Labor Day weekend, and we’ll probably hit the DC area just around rush hour. So this plan is far more ambitious than realistic.

I’ve already flipped through a few magazines, read a couple of chapters in both Catching Fire and 13 Little Blue Envelopes, wrote 500 words in my story, checked e-mail and Facebook on my phone, and am utterly bored. I even clenched my butt cheeks 100 times because I joked about it yesterday.

Another 100 butt cheek clenches later, we’re passing through Richmond, VA. I stopped here once in my early twenties when I drove by myself from Amherst, MA, to New Orleans. To keep myself sane and occupied, I had a tea contest. I’d sample the tea in every state on my trip and declare one the winner at the end. So basically, my experience in Richmond involved having a cup of tea and a quick sandwich at a roadside diner. I have a feeling it’s far more interesting, though. Maybe next trip.

Eric’s travel boredom has taken on a different form – he’s quizzed us on dates of historical events, such as:

“When was Richmond settled?”

“When year did the first Africans arrive?”

After we failed every question on his test, he then notifies us of the significance of Civil War battles along our route.  Something about the courthouse where Lee surrendered. Other things about other battles I’ve already forgotten. “You’re lucky I didn’t stop at every battlefield on the way home.”

Along the James River, he points out how those fields were once tobacco fields. At this point, I start laughing because on any trip, Eric and will have two very different perspectives. I’ll think “what if?,” conjuring the aspects of the setting for use in a fictional story. He’ll think “what happened?” conjuring what life was once life where we stand.

Only a few more entries in 30+ Days of Fitness. Stay tuned!

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