Snorkeling in Bermuda

100_1645My family and I recently returned from a cruise to Bermuda and discovered something new we can all do together — snorkel. This is an exciting discovery for me since I’m not a beach person and barely step my toes in the waters in New England. But Bermuda has clear blue, warm water and pink sands. Also, it’s surrounded by coral, which makes it an ideal location to snorkel. As a mom of two, I’m always looking for new activities for the family to try together so something that we don’t just agree on, but love, is quite the catch.

Before we left, we ran to Target to buy everyone snorkeling gear. It seemed rather stupid to bring an carry on suitcase just with snorkel gear, but for some reason we were fixated on the idea. My husband and I took turns snorkeling on previous trips; this time we could all go together.

Once we arrived at Horseshoe Bay beach and ventured into the water, it was worth any amount of extra baggage. Yellow and black striped fish, large blue almost iridescent parrot fish, and a number of silvery white slivers of fish swimming by. Plus so much more. The colorful coral and rocks of various shapes were just as intriguing to explore.

Yellow silk spider in BermudaWe then visited Church Bay beach after hiking around an old fort and exploring the old Bermuda Railway trail (where we were surprised by a number of giant silk spiders). My nephew and dad came with us. Within moments, we were in the water exploring the coral and rocks. Fish were everywhere! My husband saw an eel, my nephew and I saw a very strange looking brown fish with spots and a long snout, and many more fish of all shapes and colors. Magnificent. The waves were rough and we were banged up a bit against the rocks, but the small war wounds were worth the scenery. When one of us saw a fish that blew our minds, we took another person’s hands and swam towards the fish to point the way. Ah, what happiness to swim holding a loved one’s hand following the mysterious journey of a fish around rocks and coral.

Even my dad stayed in the water, a sight that seemed incongruous in my mind. Had I ever seen him swim before?

Apparently not.

“I haven’t been in the ocean since 1980,” he said.

In Bermuda, even he didn’t hesitate to walk in.

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