Six Sentence Sunday

Here are my six sentences from Parris Island: A Woman’s Memoir of Marine Corps Boot Camp:

It was a long, tormenting hump with Sergeant Vega’s insults accompanying me the entire way. How she could think of insults for seven-and-a-half long miles was incomprehensible, but she was relentless.

“You must have cheated…”

“Knowledge recruit, HAH!”

I tried to block her out, block out the pain of ripping flesh on my hand, and concentrate on singing along with the cadences.

“I’m going to cut off your hair with my sword!”


To read more, visit my Parris Island book page.



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2 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Wow, powerful stuff. What happened to her hand? Thanks for sharing this with Six Sentence Sunday

    • lisacordeiro says:

      The skin between my thumb and first finger split from the friction of holding the flag. I don’t know which hurt worse – the cut or stinging insults. ;)
      Thanks for commenting, Chris.