Rock n’ Roll and Coffee

I did not have to put on any false bravado running by the German Shephard today because it’s pouring out. (Yes! Saved!) Instead, I  looked up some Spartan workouts. I went as far as push-ups, bodyweight squats, lunges, and then went off to do my own thing, which was basically anything I remembered and/or felt like doing. Now I’m waiting for the rain to stop so I can ride my bike.

But wait, I didn’t tell you about the pleasant surprise yesterday in Myrtle Beach. This deserves a few paragraphs although it has nothing to do with fitness besides a pleasant stroll. The kids went to MagiQuest to go on quests while we walked around with Eric’s brother and family. When they went off to Build-a-Bear, Eric and I had an hour of date time so we walked around Broadway on the Beach looking for a place to grab a coffee. Right before our very eyes appeared this mirage. The Kiss Coffeehouse. The band Kiss. Crazy rock ‘n roll band and coffee all in one place? Yes. Yes!Kiss Coffeehouse

On the ride home, I tortured kids with the “When I was your age” stories.

“When I was your age, this is what we listened to,” I said, making them watch Rock n’ Roll All Night video on my phone. When I put on Detroit Rock City, they handed it back to me.

“You don’t want to watch this?” I asked incredulously. Guys in makeup, big boots, fire!

Kids these days…

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