Outdoor Gym

This summer, I’m trying to work out everyday–and do most of it outside. So for the next month or so, I’ll include some updates.

Yesterday, my husband Eric and I rode our bikes along the Charles River for three or more miles to check out the outdoor gym. A variety of metal fixtures peppered the space where you could do pull-ups, push-ups, stretches, and so on. Some signs indicated what types of exercises you could try. Since I didn’t bother to read them until after I tried a few exercises, I alas did push-ups on the equipment you’re supposed to use for dips. But hey, no one yelled at me. And I think they were pretty effective.

Once I had enough, I meandered onto the grass to work on my new skill–a headstand. Yes, I know they say old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but it’s not true! I could never do this, ever. Now at the ripe old age of thirty-something-or-other, I CAN! So I tried to find a flat grassy patch that didn’t appear to have dog poop and attempted to try my new skill without A) Making a fool out of myself, and B) Hurting myself. I am pleased to report I accomplished that mission!

Encouraged by my initial attempt to conquer the Charles River fitness world, I tried to move on to the elusive handstand — a skill I have not yet accomplished without the assistance of a wall. After not completing this mission once again, it was time to ride back home.

One day, I’m telling you… one day I’ll get that handstand. Maybe at forty-something-or-other.

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