Not the Stairway to Heaven

Like how I incorporated a Led Zeppelin song into my combination of a crazy fitness habit and love of writing?

If not, stop reading. More heavy metal puns ahead!

Today I planned on running the stairs at Harvard Stadium, but an interesting challenge came in a Spartan Race email:

300 total burpees today.


As much as I hate burpees, I love a good challenge–and I also wanted to run the stairs. So at lunchtime, I headed over to the stadium and came up with an interval workout:

Run up one set of steps or seats (alternating), walk fast down the next, do 10 burpees at the landing. Repeat 15 times.

Oh shit, that was hard! I wanted to stop many times, but I’m  stubborn and foolish, so kept going.

But, I still had 150 burpees to go. :(

On the walk out of the stadium, I did a few more sets of burpees, making it up to 200. Ugh. 100 more. What is wrong with me? Why would I sign myself up for this torture? Three hundred burpees is bad enough, but I had to combine it with stairs?

Back at the house, I squeezed out a set of 25 burpees. Did some other things. Another set.

My husband walked in from a camping trip and was greeted by a crazy looking wife in a yellow tank top and hair piled up on her head, saying “Only 50 more burpees to go!”

Two more sets of 25 and — DONE!

No, it was definitely not the Stairway to Heaven today. More like the Highway to Hell.

I warned you about the metal puns!

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