Mountain Madness Begins

Flume Cascade

Flume Cascade

We’re away with my siblings and their families up in the White Mountains, a new tradition each August. One thing I tried for the first time here a couple of years ago was biking the Saco River trails at the base of Attitash Mountain. If you’ve read my other posts, you know how much I love my bike. Eric bought me a bike when we first started dating and it was one more sign that this was THE man for me. Alas, I live near the city, so my biking adventures focus on not being squashed by an MBTA bus on the city streets, or if I’m lucky enough, I bike near the river or ponds. But this weekend, I had a treat. Trails on the base of a mountain. Finally, my mountain bike will be used on an actual trail.

The mountain had to wait since we had to have a family day at Santa’s Village. If there are two things I’ve realized in my ripening age, it’s that I couldn’t care less about seeing any city from above and amusement parks are not as amusing as they once were. People, lines; to be more specific, gross people, long lines.

We found a waterfall cascade on the way back and climbed part of it. The kids loved this more than Santa’s Village (yes!), so the next day we planned to hike trails, climb up to waterfalls, do some way cooler stuff.

Saco fitness trails

Saco fitness trails

Finally, back at our place, I could bike the trails. The kids chose not to bring their bikes, which worked better for us since the trails are more challenging than what we’re used to. Tree roots, rocks, sand – all kinds of varying terrain to keep your mind focused—and your core tight. At least that’s what I told myself.

I followed Eric along the trails, happy that I actually learned something from the last time we were here. The bear that scared the crap out of my brother-in-law when he turned the corner is actually carved out of wood. And watch out for sand. Last time I hit a patch and went down hard. This time, I escaped without falling once. Progress.

Come nighttime, we poured out of my sister’s place to go back to ours, when Eric pointed up to the sky. Stars. Amazing, breathtaking, abundant stars. Stars that we never see in the city. The kids were tired so they went home. We walked over to the mountain and lay down under the stars, amazed at the sights we’re not used to.

“We’re gonna run this thing in the morning,” I reminded Eric. My brother-in-law had the bright idea of sprints up Attitash. When we actually thought about it, sprints seemed like we were setting ourselves up for failure so we revised the plan for running. Or even jogging.

Come the next morning, we found out that even inching up the hill was challenging enough.

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