Little Legs, Little Bike

During the summer, I use my car as little as possible. It’s easy since most of trips out of the house are less than a few miles. So anyway, I try to combine fitness with transportation and get half my workout in as I ride around town. The past couple of days of 30+ Days of fitness included 30+ minutes on bike and then a variety of push ups, pull ups, TRX, abs, etc.

BUT, one thing peeves me off when I ride by bike. People passing me. WTH!

I’m riding my butt off and then some little old man leaves me in the dust (complete exaggeration here). I’m left scowling wondering How? Why?

My Supertheory (nod to Gogol Bordello here) thinks it may have something to do with these little ol’ legs. I’m only five feet tall so my bike is small enough for a petite woman (or a large child). Therefore, little legs = little bike. Little bike = little wheels. Little wheels = traveling shorter distances over the same amount of time. Result = unfair comparisons. I have to ride much harder to complete the same amount of distance than a tall dude.

It’s ok – I work with scientists. I could run this theory by them, but they speak in a different language I don’t understand. So let’s just go with it, okay?



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