An Insomniac Pushes through a Workout

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an insomniac. Although it used to bother me a lot more, now I just get up and go with it and go on the computer or watch late night TV. Sometimes I’m fine the next day and other times–just don’t cross my path!

So Thursday’s workout was tough. I was beat after work and just wanted to work on one of my stories. But since this is 30+ days of fitness, I couldn’t get you down, ha ha!

After a very brief bike ride, I forced myself to do 20 minutes with kettlebells and floor work. I ended with a headstand and was feeling pretty good. So cocky in fact that I tried to do fancy moves moving my legs all around in the air while keeping balance. It started out good. Then I got too fancy for my own good and crashed to the ground.

So what do you think — after a night of little sleep, should you crank through a workout? Or give yourself a rest?

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