Some co-workers and I often get together at lunch and try INSANITY and P90X. Instead of having a leisurely lunch, we move until we’re worthless piles of sweaty, breathless flesh agreeing with Shaun T. that “We’re in it to win it.”
Now we’ve moved on to the next phase — THE ASYLUM!
Game Day was 61 minutes of intense, heart-pumping madness. This was one of the longer workouts; the others were around 45-50 minutes. Basically, you go through a series of sports training for a few minutes or so – track, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball – you get the point. Unfortunately, I’ve never good at team sports and baseball will stick in my mind for a long time. I don’t know how to pitch a ball so the whole raise front leg movement threw me into an uncoordinated collection of flailing limbs.
At one point, there were some pull-up or chin-up variations. It looked like fun and intense, but we didn’t have the pull up bars so we went for the alternate — push-ups. I love push-ups, but trust me — there were a LOT.
So what do I think? It’s challenging as hell, but also fun. I hated it. I hated [translation = loved] it so much that I was thinking I need an ASYLUM tank top for the next workout.

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