I Want to Ride My Bicycle…

Who doesn’t love that song — Bicycle Race by Queen? If you don’t, then I hope you like the Muppet’s song “Couldn’t We Ride?” or whatever it’s called.

Since we had the threat of thunderstorms today, I did a smart move and rode my bike to the gym. Don’t worry — I went when weather.com told me GO NOW! Lest you get drenched, you fool!biking around NYC

Today’s workout included riding my bike and then screwing around on the Bosu ball at the gym. No, not literally. Just doing some exercises I was taught to do with kettlebells and balance and what not. And they say I don’t learn anything. Who’s they, you ask? I don’t know.

Then I screwed around some more with equipment I don’t have at home.

Here’s a pic of me when I’m at my happiest — on a bike, riding around town. Even better since I’m on a date with my husband in New York. No kids holding us back that day. “My legs are tired. I want to go home!”

So what are we up to – Day 5 or 6 of 30+ Days of Fitness. Aye – see you tomorrow when I might return to my old love – Zumba. Nothing like a white girl trying to do some Latin moves.


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