How to Make Monday Suck More and Spend “Quality Time” with the Kids – Add Stairs

Yes, every week while it’s nice out, I haul my butt to Harvard Stadium to run/walk/climb — however I can get up the stadium stairs. The kids were home from camp today so we gave them a choice – go to the stadium with Mommy and play in the field or go food shopping with Daddy. They both chose food shopping.

“You can read in the stands,” I said.

So my son finally relented, but gave me the middle school look. You know that blase expression I speak of if you’ve ever been around a preteen for more than five minutes. The look turned into a dead-on scowl when I gave him a quick hug in Allston later, saying. “I’m so glad you came with me!”

In my excitement of dragging my son along for some quality mother-son time (if you ask me; or annoying parent time, if you ask him), I forgot about basic things like water. And you need it out there. So I only ran 2/3 of the way today. My son was happy to go home and watch the Olympics.

On my next break I tried this “amazing ab workout” from BodyrockTV.

I finished off later with another Bodyrock TV workout; this one called a “sexy friggin body.” I’ve only discovered BodyTV recently and think it’s pretty damn awesome so far. Since I work on a computer, I need to walk away from it every now and then and stretch my limbs. Why not squeeze in a 12 minute kick ass workout from time to time?

Don’t worry, I didn’t torment my son by making him hang out with me. But if he saw the women instructing these workouts, he might push me out of the way to get a better look.

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