Gypsy Punk in the Man Cave

After a family day at a water park, I was about to go on a run so as to continue on the 30+ Days of Fitness. Thunder rumbles and it pours. Figures. I’d worked out inside for days and wanted to get outside. The only hope left was the Man Cave. The Man Cave is Eric’s transformation of the garage into his version of a powerlifting emporium (I think of it as a bunch of crap lying around so you can’t find anything). I want no part of it and the man wants no part of me in the cave.

With an urge to hear the awesome gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello on my iPod, I ventured out into the torture cavern. We recently saw Gogol Bordello, another spectacular concert experience, but in a very different way. I dug through a pile of weird powerlifting stuff — wraps, singlets, who knows what else — to find some kettlebells and worked out to a very motivational playlist. If you’ve never listened to Gogol Bordello, embrace your inner gypsy and give it a go.

Then, this girl runs by. How come she can run out there and I can’t? Although I’m not a fan of running in rain, cold, snow, or running in general, I actually wanted to get out there today to squeeze in a quick workout. When these rare moments come, I have to embrace them. The rain had subsided a bit so I took off for a short jaunt. Within minutes, I was soaked. But I was completely happy. Singing along to gypsy punk, I didn’t even realize that I ran the hill that usually makes me swear in several languages. One of the rare moments in life where you’re blissfully happy, even though you’re soaked from the elements.

Who wouldn’t be? Wednesday – book release; Thursday – see one of my favorite bands; Friday – day off work spending time with family.

Ah, I’m finally posting this on Saturday and have no idea what I’ll do for a workout today. Any suggestions?


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