Friends and Fitness

Can you think of anything better than combining fitness with time with friends? Perhaps you can, but I think not!

Today, I was very pleased to spend some quality time after work walking with friends. Recommended for several reasons: You get to catch up with friends, get fresh air, and get your muscles moving. Also, it’s a healthier diversion than going out to eat til you’re stuffed, drink til you’re giddy, or dance til your feet hurt. Not that I’m knocking girls night out — that has it’s merits!

I also spent time on my bicycle and at the gym and squeezed in plugs for both during our walk. I’m still trying to get them to come to Zumba.

One day they will come.

Their lives will be transformed in an hour.

They will raise a glass in my honor at our next decadent night out!

Or, they’ll tell me to piss off.


Stay tuned for the day they cave and follow me…


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