Europe from a Backpack

Real Stories from Young Travelers

Europe from a Backpack

If you’ve ever wanted to backpack in Europe…

If you want to relive your adventures…

If you love good travel writing…

Better than guidebooks, these first-person accounts paint vivid pictures of a traveler’s experience in Europe. Like familiar music and favorite scents, they’ll awaken a taste for adventure in those who have yet to travel, and bring back memories for those who have. Romance, surprise, discovery and wisdom all bubble through these authors’ inviting pieces.

At last, a collection of first-person eye-witness adventures that will keep you laughing, wondering, and walking with the well-traveled story tellers who take you inside Europe’s must-see places.

Billy Anderson stares down death at the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

Lisa Cordeiro takes a “will work for food” approach to travel as a waitress at a Paris restaurant.

And Mike Riley’s desperate search for underwear in a Portuguese market… well, that’s another story.

– From the Europe From a Backpack Web site

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