Biking the Hill

Zumba did not happen due to a scheduling problem with the kids and so the class was deprived of entertainment — the uncoordinated moves of a first-timer to any new gym class. Instead I worked out at home. Quality time on the TRX and pull-up bar and then that afternoon Eric and I went for a bike ride to the library.

The library was closed. Summer hours. Bleh! So Eric challenged us to take this killer hill on the way back.


Did I just hear a challenge?

“If I can run it, it’ll be way easier biking it,” I replied. “Why don’t you try running it one day?”

“I’ve run it plenty of times.”

And so we were off.

Whatever I said about it being easier to bike the hill than running it was wrong, so wrong. Where did my thinking go wrong? It’s way easier to bike three miles than to run them. Perhaps I didn’t consider the vertical pull of gravity with a heavy metal object dragging you down.

Eric let me go first. But that meant I was in front, so even though I wanted to take a break a couple of times, I kept peddling the little old legs, trying to ignore the sound of my pounding heart beat. And looking back over my shoulder to make sure he wouldn’t pass me.

We made it to the peak and then swore the whole way down on how much that sucked.

Next time, I should plan better so I get to Zumba.


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