A Little S.O.A.D. During a Run in Maine

Today’s workout is brought to you from a little island near Brunswick, Maine. A great way to see the island — and to be surprised about how hilly it is — is to run it.

So Eric and I went for a run. It was foggy and raining lightly, but we could still appreciate the spectacular views of the water. I put on System of a Down, still  thinking about how great the show was the other night. When Holy Mountains came on — That was the song I was trying to think of. System mentioned the Armenian Genocide during the concert,  which fired me up since I’m a descendent of Genocide survivors, and then they sang Holy Mountains. So although I said three miles max to Eric, we ran closer to four since System fired me up once again as I thought about that. I could go off on a tangent here like I do in my books, but I will stay focused on the monthly topic, which is fitness. For someone with little legs who is not a fan of running, an extra mile running hilly terrain is no joke.

System controlled my running today. Slowing down for Mr. Jack and Spiders; speeding up for Deer Dance and my favorite song ATWA.

We head back to Boston today. Tomorrow we’re introducing my niece to the stairs at Harvard Stadium.

She’s going to hate us.



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