A Good Day for a Swim

So I already took a break from 30 days or so of non-stop fitness yesterday. Let’s just say my Tuesdays are sometimes worse than Mondays.

During lunch, my husband and I went to swim laps together for the first time. Not bad! The kids were in camp, we were both ready for a break from work, and it was a great way to squeeze in a little together time and workout time. Sometimes when we work out together, we’re ready to kill each other. But you can’t kill each other if you’re both struggling to catch your breath in the water.

Technically, I guess you can.

Week 1. Success. Let’s see if we go again next week.

Also, I squeezed in some jump roping, TRX, and a short run today so I think it makes up for yesterday. Don’t judge – Ha!

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