lisa-cordeiroThe Plant DetectivesLisa is an author and technical communicator. She creates web content, technical and educational guides, user guides, press releases, and more, for a range of clients, including R&D, education, health care, and software.

As a mother of two, she writes about her adventures trying to encourage family and fitness time, especially while traveling. Her latest books are The Plant Detectives and Letterboxing with Kids. Recent featured articles include: Outdoor Winter Fun for Families, Letterboxing: Treasure Hunting with a Twist, and Hiking without Tears. She has previously written about her time as a petite young woman in the Marine Corps and backpacking alone around Europe.

letterboxingLisa has received awards from her publishers and Top Pick awards from reviewers. Her books have been bestsellers in their categories at Amazon and ARE Books.

“Lisa Cordeiro is a consummate professional.  She meets every deadline, follows instructions to the letter, and turns in clear, correct, and lively writing. I’ve worked with her on a variety of projects over the years and will continue to use her excellent services in the future.”

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